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Obtaining a New Career: 


To get the right job, you first have to win the interview.

In today’s market, you have to be prepared for the interview because you can be assured your competition is!

Most employers prefer to hire candidates that have done their homework and are completely prepared.  Research the company that you are going to interview with and be prepared with a list of intelligent questions.  Arrive early.  We strongly suggest that you click on TrueCareers and review their interviewing section. This site contains FAQ's about the interviewing process.  Some topics include the following:  "Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions in an Interview," "Top 10 Interviewing Mistakes," "Dress for Success," and other crucial, interviewing topics.  This is a must!!!

Keep in mind that you never want to leave your job on bad terms unless you absolutely have to.  In order to help you manage this situation professionally and with style, we are giving you a sample resignation letter (Plain Text Printable Version).  Please feel free to use this letter and modify it at your discretion.

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